Timing and race numbers

Ultimate Sport Service will be responsible for the race timing. Everyone will get a brutto time (time between the official start signal and crossing the finish line) and the chip time (the time taken for you from when you crossed the start line to the time you crossed the finish line). On marathon and half-marathon an intermediate time will be taken. The official results will be based on the netto times.

The timing chip is attached to the race number. It is quite robust, but extreme handling and heat should be avoided. The chip is single use and thus no need to return after the race.

There is no timing on 5km (Rantavitonen + Aalto vitonen) race.

Race number
Race number (and the chip) can be picked up from the Event office located in the Otahalli sport arena. The race number should be pinned to the front of your shirt so that the numbers are clearly visible all the time. The number should be used in order to get any service during the race or at the finishing area.

If your name is not printed in front of your number, please write your name behind the running number as well as any possible diseases you might have and medications you are using at the moment. This is necessary in case of emergency to ease the work of the medical personnel, if you need any medical services along the route or at the finishing area.