Checkpoints and dropping out

Maximum running times

The maximum running time for marathon is 6 hours from the start. This means the runner must cross the finishing line at 6:00 pm at the latest, to be able to get a result. 

The half-marathon finish area is closed at the same time, so the maximum running time for half-marathon is four hours. These time limitations will be used in all functions of the race, for example the services after the race will be closed according to the schedule at 6:30 pm. If needed, the slower runners will get a lift back to the race center. 

With 10K and 5K there is no time limitations.

Dropping out during the race

If you need to drop out during the race you will get a pick up to the race center. Please contact the nearest officials of the race. 

In case you prefer to leave the place by your own ride, please phone the office at +358 50 356 4970 so that you are not searched after the race.