Timing and bib numbers


Ultimate Sport Service is responsible for the race timing. There shall be a chip time (the time taken when you crossed the start line to the time you crossed the finish line) to every one. On marathon and half marathon split times will be taken. The official results will be based on the net times.

The timing chip is attached to the race number. Please do not bend the chip. The chip is single use and thus no need to return after the race.

On 5K there will be 2024 again timing. On Aalto Walk there is NO timing

Bib number

Bib number must be picked up from the Race office located in the Dipoli Aalto University Main Building. 

The bib number should be attached to the front of your shirt so that the number is clearly visible all the time. The number must be worn in order to get any service during the race or at the finishing area.