The routes

Marathon and Half marathon

The marathon route has two laps.  The first lap is the same as the Half marathon's route.  

The route has several service points and it offers nice spots for runners to enjoy the coast line of Espoo. 

The route is relatively flat and comfortable to run. Please see the route maps below.

Ranta 10 K and Ranta 5 K

The routes are enjoyable to run and the route is as easy and as flat as possible. Please see the route maps below.

Route markings and control

The route will be marked by signs and lines at all crossings. Traffic controllers will be controlling the route. Each kilometer is be marked by a kilometer sign.


Rantamaraton officials and participants must comply with the official competition rules of the international amateur athletic federation (IAAF).

The preliminary routes of 2024 are updated to Google Maps  and links below: 

Marathon (Espoo Rantamaraton)

Half marathon (Espoo Rantapuolikas)

10K (Espoo Rantakymppi)

5K (Espoo Rantavitonen)