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Dressing rooms

The dressing rooms are at Otahalli and at the Otaniemi sports field. There might not be any showers available depending on pandemic situation.


We recommend to use public transportation as there are not so many parking areas close to the event area.  

Otaniemi can be easily reached by public transportation. With the public transportation the best route for you is easy to find using

The roads Luolamiehentie and Otaranta will be closed for traffic during the event.


Preliminary results can be seen at the race office and on our web page (on-line). The official results will be published later on our web page. All the times shall be brutto times this year.


Everyone is running at their own risk.

Equipment storage

Runners can leave their personal belongings to the equipment storage at Otahalli sport arena, close to event office.

Pack your belongings to one bag, mark it clearly with your race number and give it to the personnel of the equipment storage. You will get your belongings back showing your race number.


Toilets can be found in Otahalli, at the sports field as well as from outside.  On the route toilets will be available at all the drink stations.


There are two official event hotels - more info: