Medical service

Medical services will be given by Johanniittain apu ry (a subordinate of the Order of Saint John, Finland). 

Please write your name and emergency contact info behind the running number. Please write also if you have any medical conditions or medications that you are using at the moment. This is necessary in case of emergency to ease the work of the medical personnel, if you need any medical services along the route or at the finishing area.

Medical service points are close to the Finish area and at the event office. Any race official can call them to help you. 

If you need medical services during the race on the course and it's not urgent help, first ask for it at the closest drink station. All the drink stations they have basic first aid kits (f.ex. bandages, ice packages, salt, vaselin etc). 

In the case of emergency, please contatc the nearest official, you will get help anywhere on the course.  

General emergency number in Finland is 112