Drink and service stations 

Drink and service stations

2023 information will be updated spring 2023!

Marathon: There are 9 service stations. Service available also at the finishing area. 
Half-marathon: There are 4 service stations. Service available also at the finishing area. 
10 km run one service point halfway and at the finishing area. 5km run, service at finishing area.

At each service station there will be water and Maxim-sportsdrink (Maxim Natural Orange) available. No bananas and salted cucumbers served at any station or at finish area. At the finish area there are drinks available.

There will be a toilet at each station.

Personal refreshments

If you have personal refreshments please bring them to the information desk at the race office on saturday at latest by 08 o`clock.  There will be no personal refreshment service for the 10K/5K run.