Aalto University registration 

PLEASE NOTE: Aalto University registration will be opened again 1st March 2021!

Aalto 10K and 5KSunday 19.9.2021

The traditional Aalto 10km and Aalto 5km will take place on Sunday 19th September 2021. Preliminary start times are 5K at 11.50 and 10K at 12.00. 

The Aalto 10K and 5K are free of charge for Aalto students, alumnis and personnel. 2019 almost 2000 members of Aalto community took part in this sports event which launches nicely the start of the new (and sporty) academic year.  

Aalto 10K and 5K are part of an running event -  Espoo Rantamaraton. There is no timing at 5K.

More information
Aalto University Anne Petroff, Aalto contact person, anne.petroff@aalto.fi

Please make sure that your registration will be finished correctly. After adding your own registration information choose CONTINUE. In the next page use ENTER as a payment method and your information will be registered. You will get an email after your registration. 

Marathon and halfmarathon on Saturday 18th September 2021

There will be a fixed number of free of charge registrations to marathon and halfmarathon. After that the price for Aalto community is 40€ to marathon and halfmarathon. More information of registration to marathon or halfmarathon.

Student number or workplace is asked in the registration form.